Tally (c4ica9o)

A Free Internet Tool for maintaning a Paperless Tally for Contract Bridge

There are 3 ways to get and use Tally (c4ica9o). The first requires wifi until it is loaded from this site, and then no wifi is needed until the next time it is needed. The second version is downloaded to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, as a file (later?) to be opened in your browser without any wifi. These 2 versions both can be used on only 1 computer, tablet, or smartphone so that only one person can enter information for the group. Usage-wise these 2 versions are identical after their page appears in your browser window.

The third version allows any number of people to see and edit the Tally information from their own device after "Host" has loaded c4ica9o. A video demonstrating the third version, but similar to all 3 versions, is at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGBFD92HrMo

In all versions "winners walk" to another table after each "Round", which can be anything you wish, such as a "rubber" or a "c4ica9o" cycle. Additional instructions and contact information are provided at the bottom of the app's browser page. No scoring of individual hands is attempted by this app.

  1. Get the wifi version. The Tally(c4ica9o) app will replace this window. Closing the browser window after the app has loaded, erases the app; refreshing the browser window after the app has loaded, clears all the names and scores. Wifi is not needed to use the app while it is loaded in the browser.
  2. Get the html version. The c4ica9o.html file should appear in your download directory. Unlike the other versions here, after you do this once, you never have to use wifi to use this app because the file c4ica9o.html is stored on your device.
  3. Click here to get started with your own page. This link is only accessible to folks who have signed in with their Google Account because they will be creating, deleting, or editing a version of Tally which contains the necessary database and access and are referred to here as Host. Guests of a Host request from their Host a link address (URL) for the Host's "Party". During use, Host (and Guests) need wifi.
Signin if you will be creating a Page/Party or if you wish to edit or manage your Page/Party. You will be returned to this page after you signin.

(The name c4ica9o was chosen to be a unique alternative to chicago, after the common party bridge scoring method.)